Club Stats 2014

1st Team Batting (County 4 North), Qualification 50 runs

NameInningsNot OutsRunsAverageHigh50s100s
R Hamblin10123526.1160no10
J Orr9012513.894600
J Green6012420.676110
P LeCount8011714.633900
J Dovey1211059.552100
B Orr819914.143100
G Turk1037510.7126no00
T Drew91749.253600
C Steenkamp506312.602800
T Packer105353.005310

1st Team Bowling (County 4 North), Qualification 5 wickets

J Dovey93.5163562713.196-223.8
C Steenkamp345107166.696-243.1
G Turk101.3332131613.314-152.1
J Orr48.371441014.402-153.0
B Orr86272111021.103-222.5
L Dance432198728.294-194.6
P LeCount282124620.675-194.4

2nd Team Batting (Regional 3 North West) 2014

Will appear here
NameInningsNot OutsRunsAverageHigh50s100s

2nd Team Bowling (Regional 3 North West) 2014

Will appear here
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