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The "Strictly Come Drinking" Devon Tour 2009

Our annual end-of-season jaunt to Devon took place over the weekend of 4-7 September, Friday-Monday, with our usual games against:

Friday 4: Broadclyst (Terry Colborn Cup)

Saturday 5: Sidbury (honest!)

Sunday 6: Chudleigh

While numbers in the touring party were healthy, actual playing tourists seemed to be a little thin on the ground and were in danger of being outnumbered by the backroom staff, a situation seemingly borrowed from recent Englad trips to far-flung corners of the globe (no, not the one in Chudleigh - Ed). Perhaps it was with this in mind that the side for the Broadclyst game decided to conserve some of their energies for later in the weekend and opted not to contribute when batting first, resulting in a rather binary-looking scorecard. Fortunately, Captain Flap and Charlie repaired some of the early damage with Charlie in particular demonstrating a fine array of shots. Just as well really, as this pair were the only ones to reach double figures, Charlie's 50 being the highest score by a country mile. A total of 90-odd all out was never going to be enough, and although Broadclyst also struggled to score freely, they reached their target with 4 wickets down.

Nothing for it but to head to the bar...

Rolling into Sidbury, it appeared there would actually be some local opposition this year, although they were still subsidised by Tour Manager Sharp, a couple of kids and some bloke playing in his socks. Liberal application of local rules and some guilty runs from Sharpy ensured that the home side set a challenging total, despite the momentous bowling efforts of Giles, Caven and the Golden Arm of the ageless Elvis. As on Friday, the tourists appeared to have left their batting form behind at the end of the league season until Adi and Silver Billy Bowyer amazed the watching hordes with a blaze of strokeplay which nearly propelled the 'Parish to an unlikely victory. But with the finishing line in sight, Billy played one shot too many and the game was up.

Nothing for it but to head to the bar...

And so to Chudleigh, the highlight of the weekend cricket-wise. Consistent runs right down the order saw Whiteparish mount a respectable total, the Jewell brothers performing well in a family opening partnership and more fraternal runs being contributed by the Hamblin siblings, as well as some characteristic shots from JD. Early wickets and pressure from Charlie and Turkleton threatened to cause an upset, but J.Case occupied his usual slot in the middle order and came out to snuff out any possible chance of a victory for the visitors. Having reached his 50 in decent time, Justin accelerated away after drinks hitting some mighty blows, most of them off the hapless Lord Harris who was unceremoniously taken to the cleaners. Case's 2nd 50 took roughly 15 balls and wrapped the game up for the Devonians.

Nothing for it but to head for the bar...

And that just about sums it up really! A 100% tour record, and several club members having their first taste of the tour experience. Couldn't have been much better really!

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